Create Your Own Body Scrub
Create Your Own Body Scrub

Create Your Own Body Scrub

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In this not-so-beginner workshop, we'll explore the process of blending your very own perfume! This is a great workshops for someone who already understands the idea of different scents and scent families, who can easily describe scents and fragrance notes that appeal to them and who truly wants something beautiful and unique to add to their perfume collection.

Participants will learn about base, heart and top notes and how to use the Aroma Ring to develop their very own unique creations. It can take a few tries to get your blend just right so you'll be able to blend two mini perfumes to make sure your final formulation is perfect. We'll have a small intro and tutorial and there will be worksheets to help you keep notes. We will keep your worksheets on file for quick reorder of your new perfume! 

Students will go home with 
- an informational packet with fun and interesting information about perfume
- two mini spray bottles from test blending (if necessary, additional test blends can be done for an extra fee) 
- one full sized (1 ounce) bottle of your very own perfume 

 Every participant can also take advantage of 20% off their purchase at our store front that day!

This workshop is much more involved than simply blending together a few scents that you enjoy. We'll be working from the bottom up, developing a blend of base, heart and top notes which can contain multiple scent notes or accords for each. There is also basic addition involved as it will be necessary to track your formulation by drop. Please take these factors into consideration when deciding if our workshops are appropriate for you.

Upon purchasing this workshop, all class material will be emailed to you for review before attending the workshop.

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]