Donation Request

Please note: We currently only consider donation requests for local causes in the Milwaukee area. We have been receiving a lot of out of state donation requests lately. If you are not able to drive to our storefront to pick up your donation, we do not expect that the winners will want to drive to our storefront to use any gift cards they may have won. Please do not send in a donation request unless your event is taking place in the Milwaukee area.

We can't give to all causes, charities and events, but we do have a donation fund and choose from submitted requests until the fund is used up each month. Please download the form below and submit it for consideration if you'd like a donation from Halo Soap. We do not give donations on the spot and we need your submitted request at least a month before you would need the donation.

We typically give priority to charities in this order:
Animal shelters, causes and events
Fine arts programs, especially music
Women's health and men's health

Please do not be upset if you are not chosen for a donation. We get dozens of requests a month and can only accommodate a certain amount of charitable donations each month.

Donation Request Form