Mature Skin Serum
Mature Skin Serum

Mature Skin Serum

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A beautiful, soft and silky serum for the delicate skin on your face. 100% natural, made with botanically infused oils and essential oils.

This serum starts as a maceration of herbs and botanicals in a golden, organic sunflower oil.
Ginger root - to increase skin radiance, decrease inflammation and blocks free radicals
hibiscus flower - also called the 'botox plant'
elderberry - contains skin tightening components
green tea - an antioxidant which block free radicals that lead to sagging skin

We then add a blend of luxury oils to boost the skin benefits of the organic sunflower oil.
argan oil - this 'liquid gold' is said to have restorative and rejuvenating properties
andiroba oil - a great oil for all skin types and specifically chosen for its skin smoothing benefits
pomegranate seed oil - in addition to antioxidant protection (as with all seed oils), this oil is said to help revive damaged skin cells

This product is topped off with a blend of essential oils said to help in the area of skin sagging by rejuvenation and tightening the skin.

To use: apply 1 pump at night as your final step in your skincare routine. Skin care products should be layered lightest to heaviest. This facial oil can be used alone as a moisturizer. You can also create your own instant lotion using a pump or two of serum + a few sprays of your favorite toner. Blend and moisturize!

While this product has been given a bend of essential oils, these oils were chosen for their skin benefits, not necessarily for their scent. This product has a light geranium scent with prominent sweet notes from the pomegranate seed oil.

In cold weather, the andiroba oil in this product tends to separate to the bottom. Please warm the bottle slightly in your hands and shake before using.

This product comes in a 1 ounce clear glass bottle with a treatment type pump top. You can choose to dispense the product using the treatment pump or using the dip tube as a wand for application.

Claims about the healing and restorative benefits of botanical ingredients are not regulated by the FDA. You should make your own conclusions and conduct your own research about what to put on your skin.