Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

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  • Melt Warning:This product may arrive partially melted in elevated temperatures. It affects the aesthetics only and not the integrity of the product. We are unable to reship products that have melted because we cannot guarantee that reshipments will not also be exposed to elevated temperatures.

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NOTE - This product will only be available during the cooler months. We do not make whipped body butter during the summer months. If you notice this product is out of stock, don't worry! It will be back when the weather in the Midwest cools off.

Our Whipped Body Butter is a blend of pure, natural Ghana shea butter and other moisturizing butters and oils. These oils have been whipped together to created a light, fluffy texture, then drizzled with pure essential oils.

4.5 ounces of product by weight

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