Stacie Cherubini, CEO

Hello.  I'm Stacie.  And I make soap.
Many people ask me how I got into this business.  The short answer? Fight Club.  The long answer?  You should definitely stop in and ask me some time!

I started making soap while attending UWM for an Industrial Engineering degree.  I would do farmers markets in the summer and sell soap online during the school year.  After graduation, I moved on to chiropractic school in Illinois and only made soap when I came back home to Milwaukee on the weekends.

After about a year and a half in, I decided the school I was attending for my Doctor of Chiropractic just wasn't for me.  I had plans to either use my engineering degree or attend a different chiropractic school.

Then something awesome happened.  I had the opportunity to open my very first store front thanks to the help and support of my family and the fine people over at Skyline Catering.
I have been making skin care products for over 13 years now and am continually working on expanding my product line and knowledge of health conscious choices for skin care ingredients.