Soy Candle Tins

Soy Candle Tins

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Our seasonal soy candle tins are a fun way to keep things fresh and new! In addition to our every day large and small soy candles, we wanted to offer our customers something fun and funky to mix things up through out the year.

We've decided to bring back the candle tin! Long ago, on a street not too far away from our storefront, our original candles were poured into hex jars and various sized tins! Every season we would develop new and fun candle scents for our farmers market customers in these perfectly sized 6 ounce tins. They hold just the right amount of candle to keep things interesting between your regularly scheduled candle burns!

Weight: 4.5 ounce (128 grams)
Approximate burn time: 25-30 hours

Black Widow - exotic amber and alluring cashmere
Bonfire - A smoky aroma like sitting around a camp fire on a cool fall day
Deadly Nightshade- sweet dewberry, crisp apple and tart currants    
Through the Woods - The fresh outdoor scent of taking a walk on a brisk autumn day
Vampire - A rich musk with notes of sandalwood and leather
Witch's Brew - A bubbling cauldron of figs and wine with an effervescent finish

Auld Lang Syne - Bubbly effervescence to bring in the New Year
Candy Cane - Sweet peppermint candy scent
Gingerbread Man - Spicy ginger and warm vanilla straight from the oven
Jack Frost - Cool peppermint and creamy vanilla
Nightcap - Whiskey with a touch of vanilla and spice
O Tannembaum -Warm and cozy fir with a hint of clove
Santa Baby - Mulled wine on a cozy hearth
Snowbird - fresh coconut and tart lime
Under the Mistletoe -Festive pine and spruce with notes of sweet berries

Calypso - a mysterious scent with sweet oceanic accords swirled with a salty sea air 
Mimosa - tangy citrus with a splash of bubbly effervescence 
Moscow Mule - tart lime and fresh ginger for a tasty summer treat
Queen of Hearts - a true red rose scent
Sangria - red wine and a delicious fruity medley 
Southern Sweet Tea - undeniable aroma of freshly brewed tea with a hint of lemon

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